Pneumatic tube provided by G.M.E all comes from Sumetzberger, one of leading manufacturers of transport robot in healthcare sector from Austria. This brand was established in1921 and provided for over 1000 projects of pneumatic tube system throughout the world. These systems are controlled by modern computer which helps the operation run accurately for transporting specimens between departments. Each process operates exactly and is recorded in real time.

Pneumatic tube solutions for hospital pharmacies

  • In hospitals, the fast, reliable supply of wards and outpatient departments with drugs is absolutely essential. Thanks to ultra-modern pneumatic tube systems from Sumetzberger, this is possible around the clock, supplying all areas without loss of time from a central pharmacy, with the dispatch taking place either manually or automatically.
  • Not only routine medicines, but controlled and hazardous drugs are sent using Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems worldwide. As a preventative and control measure, a number of high-tech security mechanisms have been developed to restrict access to authorised personnel. Sending and receiving via restricted areas of the hospital is only possible using ID cards (MIFARE®, SKIDATA, LEGIC® etc) or numerical codes. The integration of a central pharmacy into the existing IT hospital system is also feasible. Innovative drug management software ensures that the right patient receives the right medication, at the right dosage, at the right time, on the right path.

Pneumatic tube solutions for hospital laboratories

Blood laboratories play a special role in every hospital worldwide, with their results forming the basis of all further medication and treatment in 90% of cases in everyday hospital life. A short waiting period between blood draw and result contributes significantly to the optimisation of patient care. A well planned pneumatic tube system from Sumetzberger reduces transport time to just a few minutes and ensures that personnel costs can be reduced by relieving courier services.


Pneumatic tube solutions for blood banks – plasma, blood bags, B-track

  • Blood preserves are a scarce commodity, only a few weeks durable, inferior to strict transport and storage regulations and in many cases lifesaving! Fast transports of blood components via pneumatic tube system from Sumetzberger with transport tracking (tracking and tracing function) guarantee traceability of all transports.
  • B-Tracking: Documented Transportation Pneumatic tube system can play particular importance with emergency transfusions. In a few moments, blood bags can be transferred from the blood bank to the operating theatre, with the entire transport documented and monitored in real time. Laboratory staff always know when and by whom a blood bag was received, recording each blood bag via barcode scanner directly at the station. Each transport is recorded electronically, documented and can be analysed if required.
  • B-Tracking: Documented transport with Smart Device for patient and blood bag matching The innovation of the complete documentation of blood samples, is achieved through combination of Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems, alongside handheld smart devices.

Pneumatic tube solutions for OP/Pathology

  • OP/Pathology – Pathology plays a central role in the process of diagnosis and therapy planning and is an important partner for treating physicians. Sumetzberger’s pneumatic tube system especially benefits the intraoperative frozen section examination. A direct connection between surgery and pathology enables the transmission of tissue samples in just a few moments, the results of which further determine surgical procedure.
  • Shortening of OP times – In practice, 30 to 40 minutes elapse before the results of a frozen section examination are available; This is largely due to the long transport distances. During this time, the surgeons must interrupt the operation, prolonging the total duration of the operation and occupying surgical capacity and financial resource. Through the direct connection of Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems with pathology and Operating theatres, transport times are reduced to a minimum and operating times are shortened.
  • Increase of patient safety – Shorter waiting times for intraoperative instantaneous section contributes to shorter operation times, reducing the strain on patients during anaesthesia.
  • Conserving resources – It is no longer necessary for the hospital staff to run errands. Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems provide 24/7 cost-efficiency through continuous operation.

Emergency sendings via pneumatic tube systems

When every second matters!
More than 1,000 hospitals worldwide benefit from Sumetzberger’s efficiently planned pneumatic tube systems. Wide-branched pneumatic tube systems transport vital samples (blood and stool samples, secretions, tissue material etc) as well as documents around the clock, that are necessary for diagnosis and treatment. The pneumatic tube system connects important, interdependent wards and departments, involved in the treatment process across the entire hospital site, such as Resus, laboratories, the operating theatre control centre, intensive care units, pathology and all care support points. In an emergency, every second matters, which is why well planned and thought-out pneumatic tube systems with powerful distribution centres are often life-saving. Each pneumatic tube system from Sumetzberger is individually tailored to the needs and processes of a hospital and is developed with state-of-the-art planning and simulation programmes, to the desires and specifications of the respective hospital. Comprehensive monitoring of the entire process is made possible by the PowerControl visualisation software, with legally compliant traceability, real-time monitoring and complete documentation of all shipments, offering optimum protection for your patients.